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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hardwood floor installation in Chevron pattern

Wood Floor Installation Chevron. -

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hiring hardwood flooring contractor

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Resurfacing Your Hardwood Floors

Spring is here and it usually means spring cleaning! So before you start busting your chops making your home sparkly clean; Let me remind you that nothing like a well polished, newly buffed or refinished hardwood floor to bring your spring cleaning in full circle.  So what is the Difference? When do we buff the floors and when do we do sanding?

Having your hardwood floor buffed occacionally would make your wood floor more durable and will usually take care of the light stains and scratches on the finish. Buffing is a lighter process of sanding the floor and applying a coat of polyurethane finish.

Sanding hardwood floors is a more thorough way of resurfacing the floor.  It requires a more abrasive kind of sand paper to remove deeper scratches, dents and imperfections off of the wood flooring. After evenly sanding we apply three coats of polyurethane finish. The finish that we apply is water base and if our clients have a special preference for a finish example no VOC finishes then we apply that as well.

It is fairly important that you have a professional and experienced hardwoof floor refinisher do the Resurfacing of your floors. This ensures that the sanding process is done right the first time and will not waste precious wear layer of your hardwood flooring.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hardwood Floor Installation and Designs

Most houses who have hardwood flooring installed, would typically have a straight flooring installation where wood planks are laid side by side. But wood flooring can actually provide an array of design possibilities and still preserve the warmth, sophistication and elegance it naturally brings to any home. Provided that the installation is done by a knowledgeable, experienced and license hardwood flooring installer.

Installation of patterned and design wood flooring requires custom milled or cut planks. Tongue and Groves (these are found at the sides of the planks and it's what connects or join them together) must match. Milling specifications and the amount of wood needed will be determined by your hardwood flooring specialist base on the patterns you want. 

One of the installation pattern popularly used is the Herringbone pattern. This way of installation can be identified in different types of Herringbone Pattern. You can choose from single, double and diagonal. The type of design is distinguished by the way it is laid down for installation and varies in the degree of the angles the wood flooring is cut.  Do take note that Herringbone is a different pattern from chevron as illustrated in the picture below.

There is a world of possibilities for design and creativity when it comes to installing hardwood floors.  As wood flooring adds value to your home, having a designer floor will surely amp up things for you as a home owner. 

So for the next time you would consider having your wood floor replaced or have new hardwood flooring installed, consider the integration of design and creativity. This will showcase the beauty of the wood flooring and your sense of style as a person.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Our Hardwood Flooring Resolution 2014

One of our favorite thing in our line of work is the opportunity we get to work with different kinds of professionals. As a hardwood flooring company we have collaborated with general contractors, interior designers, architects business and homeowners achieve their hardwood flooring vision. We enjoy the challenge it brings but most of all we treasure the relationship we build with all our clientele. It is quite a thrill for us to see a sense of satisfaction on their face whenever we finish a hardwood flooring project. This year we look forward to meeting more people who appreciates our line of work, we look forward to not only installing hardwood floors in more homes but instilling to our clients our commitment to provide the best hardwood floor experience. This year we renew our commitment to strive for perfection in every step. Whether it may be refinishing, custom staining, repair and restoration, or hardwood floor installation Custom Hardwood Flooring LA is here to serve you!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Prepping Up Your Hardwood Floor for the Holidays

Sanding and Refinishing Hardwood Floor

Like the song says "Its beginning to look like Christmas!", and with it comes all the holiday cheers and preparation. This is the time of the year when relatives and friends comes over your house and gives you the chance to show off your cooking, fashion and home design prowess. Top on the list to give attention to (well maybe next to the turkey and holiday gifts of course!) is your hardwood floor! When everyone starts coming in your house to give you their holiday love and wishes your hardwood floor gets the most beating. But no worries, hardwood floors are designed to weather out exactly this kind of holiday traffic with a little help from you.

You might want to start putting some door rugs so your guests will have something to wipe their shoes and boots on. This helps prevent dust, dirt and water from getting into your home and on to your hardwood flooring. It would also help if you can put rugs or area carpets on hallways, entryways and any other high traffic area that you have hardwood flooring on.

If your a guest and you know that your going to a house with hardwood flooring on, please be an angel and avoid wearing pointy metal stiletto high heeled shoes. These kind of footwear can damage the hardwood floor by denting and scratching them. If you really need to wear such shoes, there are heel caps that can be purchase at retail stores. This way all you really bring into the house is good old jolly cheers!

Before your hosting debut arrives we recommend having your hardwood floor buffed. Buffing hardwood floors is basically lightly sanding the floor after which a finish will be applied. This will polish and give your wood flooring a clean and good as new look in time for your event. If currently your hardwood floor has deep scratches or dents, having it sanded and refinished will surely take care of this problem. Also the added polyurethane finish will act as added protection to your wood floors. Sanding and having your hardwood floor refinished will require a few days, depending on how big the room's square footage is. Whether you need hardwood floor buffing or hardwood floor sanding and refinishing, it is best that you plan ahead. Call your floor specialist to schedule for an estimate and they'll take it from there.
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The holidays are not the holidays without the festivities of food and drinks. A midst all the excitement spills are a given. When this happens its imperative that any kind of spills be wiped away immediately and make sure that the spot is completely dry. Water or any liquid on wood flooring that is left unattended, can cause problems and damages such as warping and molds.

Wood is an organic material. Normally, they respond to change in temperature. Hot makes it contract and cold makes wood expand. Keep thermostat at room temperature. Also, this will make everyone comfy as you enjoy each others company this holiday season.

Last but not the least, Enjoy! For sure all your holiday decors and trimmings is well complimented by your hardwood floor. We can just imagine just how warm and elegant your parties will be no matter how big or simple they may be. That is the beauty of having hardwood floor installed in your home and it best showcased during this time of the year. From all of us here in Custom Hardwood Flooring LA, we wish you a blessed holiday and may you have peace, good health and love this coming New Year!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Finishing Newly Installed Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Los Angeles

While some hardwood flooring can be purchased pre-finished, the majority must be sanded and finished once installation is completed. Newly installed hardwood floor that requires finishing allows more room for you to apply your personal preference, specially when it comes to the stain or type of finish that you would want to be used.

Finishing hardwood floor requires some specialized skills and power tools. These primary pieces of floor finishing equipment include the drum sander for sanding hardwood floor, power edger used to sand the areas that the drum sander can not reach, like the edges of the room, and the floor polisher used for applying the finish and/or stain.

Floor Preparation
    It is recommended to apply the finish to the hardwood floor on the last part of any construction project. In this way other work traffic of workers won't mar the finish. Wall coverings should be in place and painting completed except for a final coat on the base molding. Floors must be swept clean immediately before sanding.

    When Finishing a hardwood floor, sanding should be done first. This process gives the floor a fine finish, removes imperfections and preps the wood floor for the application of stain and/or polyurethane finish. Drum type sander is used for heavy sanding operation. A floor polisher with a floor sanding abrasive disc is used. The experience and sanding technique of the hardwood flooring technician determines the quality of the outcome of the finish. If the wrong grit is used for the type of wood species you have, the finishing process could get affected. 

Staining Hardwood Floor
     A custom stain can be applied to the hardwood floor during the finishing process. This will allow you to determine what shade or color do prefer for your hardwood flooring. Different type of wood gives off certain characteristic when being stained and finished. For example, Cherry hardwood takes light reddish stain well, generally no filler is needed for this type of wood and it imitates mahogany very well . On the other hand, Maple hardwood stains well in lighter colors, takes fine finish and no fillers is needed. Make sure that your hardwood floor technician helps you figure out what stain will work best with the type of hardwood you have.

Finishing Hardwood Floors
    There are properties and method of application that needs to be considered when finishing hardwood floors. Determine first the type of finish appropriate for the type of wood specie you have. Most finish are applied with a high quality brush or lambs wool applicator. A sealer is applied first. Some seals produce satisfactory results with one coat but most manufacturers recommend two coats or one coat plus a special top dressing. Surface finishes are then applied. There are different types of polyurethane finish. The oil modified polyurethanes and moisture cured polyurethane. Make sure that the sealer and top coat finish being used on your hardwood floor are compatible. Consult your hardwood floor contractor for further details.