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Hardwood Floor Refinishing vs Buffing, what's the difference?

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Versus Buffing hardwood floors, what is the difference? You had hardwood flooring installed at your home. Several years after they no longer look as vibrant and have minimal, light, micro scratches. Now you just want to revive your wood flooring without having to sand the floor, so what do you do? We have encountered this numerous times over the years. Sometimes homeowners will call and tell us they don't want to have their wood floors sanded but they just want to "clean" it. We call this buffing or screening. Buffing hardwood floors is just lightly sanding off the top finish of the hardwood flooring. This process can help improve the overall look of the floor, remove light scratches and other imperfections that are just on the finish.  However, buffing or screening hardwood flooring does not help in removing deep scratches that are on the wood. It will also not remove deep stains, dents, and gauges. To take care of all this hardwood flooring i

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